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I used to aim to avoid expectations. No expectations, no disappointments. It’s a naïve desire really though because it’s next to impossible to achieve. The week just past has, for me, been filled with unfulfilled expectations – both in good and bad ways.

Red Angel, the fourth book in the Bo Blackman series, came out on Monday. It’s difficult to have expectations for new books because one minute I’m terrified that everyone will hate it and the next minute I’m sure it’ll be a hit. Reviews have been both slow in coming and very mixed. Some glowing, some not. I suppose it means all contradictory expectations have been met!

I was thrilled to have a big promotion begin at the start of this week for the Blood Destiny boxset and, believe me, had high (but I thought reasonable) expectations for how it would go. The five books combined were reduced from $9.99 to $2.99 and will remain so until June 10th. The big push was, however, on Tuesday.  I thought it was a good deal but, while I certainly haven’t lost any money and there was a very nice boost in sales, the results aren’t anywhere nearly as impressive as I’d envisaged. BAD.

On Wednesday, I had an amazing day writing. 8000 words – which is a vast amount for me. The ideas were flowing and it was so much fun to get into the head of different characters. I woke up on Thursday ready for more of the same and was seriously pumped to get going. Then a friend called. She was in a lot of pain and needed help. I ended up spending hours in the hospital with her to find out what was going on. VERY, VERY BAD. I have to admit my expectations at that point were it was going to be something horribly serious. After being shunted around from department to department, however, she finally got to see a specialist who was able to explain that while the pain might be horrendous, the root cause was something quite simple and treatable. VERY, VERY GOOD.

I arranged to meet another friend to go dog walking. About five minutes before we were due to set off, however, the heavens opened. Malaysian rain isn’t like Scottish rain. In Scotland, you can get drizzle that will last for days. In Malaysia it’s more like the apocalypse. Spend 0.5 seconds outside and you’ll be soaked. That’s not to mention the inevitable thunder and lightning. With expectations of a sunny stroll round the park dashed, we went to the pub instead for one drink and some food. Hours later, I staggered home. Yeah, that was GOOD

Last night was another venture to a pub – but this time to support Kuala Lumpur Big Band, a group of 24 musicians playing swing and jazz. I had misgivings. It was a pub. How would they even all fit in? Wouldn’t it just be really loud? It was, however, fabulous. GOOD, GOOD, GOOD.

Next week, I’m hoping to complete the first draft of my current WIP (Work In Progress). I’m going to take my car into the garage and I’m expecting a hefty bill because the engine does not sound healthy. I’m thinking it’ll probably be a fairly quiet week, even with my birthday coming at the end of it. I wonder what will really happen?





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