"I can honestly say that it has been quite a while since I've discovered a new series that I've enjoyed as much as "Bloodfire." The story line is unique and I enjoyed the feisty character of Mackenzie." - Marsha, USA (
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"This second installment of the blood destiny series was amazing ! I mean it was funny, action packed, crazy characters, a little potential romance... Basically everything I look for in a novel" - F. (
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"I am absolutely wholeheartedly in love with Mackenzie Smith and her whole world! This has been a wonderful series so far and hasn't lost my interest one bit!" - Stephanie (
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Blood Politics

"Helen Harper is a master weaver and I cannot recommend this series enough. If you love paranormal, you will absolutely love the Blood Destiny series." - Sandy, Canada (
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"Bloodlust is the perfect ending for a series I truly grew to love." - Marsha (
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Urban Fantasy author Helen Harper

Scottish native Helen Harper is the author of the hugely popular Blood Destiny series, as well as the gritty urban fantasy Bo Blackman books and the romantic Olympiana novels. A self-confessed cat lady with an over-active imagination, she spends her time lost in fantastical worlds filled with kickass heroines, intricate legends and lots and lots of dangerous excitement.


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    I should probably make one thing clear before I really begin – I have NO problem sleeping. None whatsoever. I remember years ago UK TV did a show called Touch The Truck which had been brought over from the States. It was probably even in pre-Channel 5 years so they can’t be blamed. It involved […]Continue Reading

What Helen’s Readers Are Saying…

Humour and Heart and Heat.

I cannot believe how well-written this story is. There is so much emotional depth to these characters and the story is so well fleshed-out.


An excellent Urban Fantasy series

Don’t wait until you’re despairing for new reading material to give these books a shot. Learn from my experience and try them now—this indie series is WAY better than a lot of the traditionally published series I’ve read.

Rabid Reads

Exciting and Intruiging

Mack is a seriously great heroine. She is hot tempered, witty, loyal and kick-ass. As for Corrigan, he is cute and self imposing. I think the perfect hero. I can't wait for the two to get together.


Series by Helen Harper

Currently Writing

The Fractured Faery series
Due:3 months